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  • Psychedelic Vinyls, 1965-1973 - Les 1300 magnifiques covers psychédéliques présents dans le bouquin de Philippe Thieyre

Psychedelic Vinyls, 1965-1973 - Les 1300 magnifiques covers psychédéliques présents dans le bouquin de Philippe Thieyre

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Chapitre 0 :

Timothy Leary - L.S.D.

Chapitre 1 : San Fransisco

Pan - Pan
Roxy - Roxy
Grace Slick and the great society - Somebody to love
Joe covington - Fat Fandango
Quicksilver messenger service - The best of Quicksilver messenger service
Quicksilver messenger service - Live at the Fillmore West 7/4/1971
Morning Glory - Growin
Kingdom - Kingdom
A.B. Skhy - Ramblin' On
Little John - Up and down
C.K. Strong - C.K. Strong
Neigb'rhood Child'rn - Neigb'rhood Child'rn
Gale Garnett and the Gentle Reign - Sausolito Heliport
Womb - Overdub
Faun - Faun
Crome Syrcus - Love Cycle
New Tweedy Brothers - New Tweedy Brothers
Notes from the underground - Notes from the underground
Stained glass - Crazy Horse Roads
Gospel Oak - Gospel Oak
Glad - Feelin' glad
Salvation - Gypsy Carnival Caravan
Salvation - Salvation
Hammer - hammer
Morning Glory - Two Suns Worth
Tongue and Groove - Tongue and Groove featuring Lynn Hughes
Lynn Hughes - Freeway gypsy
Big Brother (featuring Ernie Joseph) - Confusion
Linn County - Proud flesh soothseer
Linn County - Fever Shot
Linn County - Till The Break of Dawn
Tina & David Meltzer - Poet Song
Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band - Greatest Hits
Joyous Noise - Joyous Noise
Joyous Noise - Wanderingman
Lamb - A Sign of chance
Crab Tunes - Noggins
Banana and the bunch - Mid-mountain-ranch
The Sons Of Champlin - Welcome to the dance
The Sons Of Champlin - The Sons of Champlin
The Chambers Brothers - Love, peace and happiness
The Chambers Brothers - Shout !
Sly & the family stone - Greatest hits
Shanti - Shanti
Voco - Lights out : San Francisco
Beaver & Krause - All Good men

Chapitre 2 : Los Angeles et la Californie du Sud

Buffalo Springfield - The best of Buffalo Springfield
Dewey Martin - Dewey Martin and Medecine Ball
Yellow Hand - Yellow Hand
Gordian Knot - Tones
The leaves - All the good that's happening flash-back
Hook - Hooked
Ceylieb People - Tanyet
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Changes
Friar Tuck - Friar Tuck and his psychedelic guitar
Happenings - Piece of mind
Touch - 20/20 sound
Boston Tea party - Boston Tea party
Edge - The Edge
Sunshine Company - Sunshine & Shadows
Joshua Fox - Joshua Fox
Summerhill - SUmmerhill
Love Exchange - The Love Exchange
Underground All-Stars - Extremely Heavy
People - I Love You
People - Both Sides of People
Jode - Jode
Green Lyte Sunday - Green Lyte Sunday
Abstracts - The Abstracts
Year 2000 - A musical Odyssey
Fresh Air - Fresh Air
Goldenrod - Goldenrod
Truth - Truth
Trials and tribulations - Trials and tribulations
Fusion - Border Town
Griffin - Griffin
Eastfiled Meadows - Eastfield Meadows
Earth Island - We must survive
Gypsy - In the gardens
Gypsy - Antithesis
Turnquist Remedy - Iowa By the sea
Glass Family - Electric Band
Group Therapy - 37 Minutes of Group Therapy
Novells - A Happening
Travel Agency - The Travel Agency
Brotherhood - Brotherhood brotherhood
Brotherhood - Brotherhood
Friendsong - Joyride
Sapphire Thinkers - From Within
Surprise Package - Free Up
American Eagle - American Eagle
Mephistopheles - In Frustration I hear Singing
Aggregation - Mind Odyssey
Research 1 6 12 - In research
The Electric Prunes – Just good old rock and roll
Frantic – Conception
T.S. Bonniwell – Close
Merell Fankhauser Fapardokly – Fapardokly
Father Yod – Contraction
Love – Revisited
Morning – Stuck like silver
Mars Bonfire - For ladies only
Mars Bonfire – Mars Bonfire
Time – Smooth Ball
Hokus Pokus – Hokus Pokus
Charity – Charity Now
Smokestack lightnin - Off the wall
floating bridge - floating bridge
Help – Help
Brew - A very strange brew
Armageddon – Armageddon (1969)
Smoke - At george's coffee shop
Smoke - Carry on your idea
Jamul – Jamul
White Light – White Light
black pearl - live !
asylum choir - look inside the asylum choir
chariot – chariot
mary butterworth - mary butterworth
Mother of inventions - Mothermania the best of the mothers
Mother of inventions - Pregnant
Mother of inventions - The worst of the mothers
Mother of inventions - Mother's day
Frank Zappa - Zapped
Various Artists - The original soundtrack from Naked Angels
hamilton face band – Ain’t go no time
hamilton face band - hamilton face band
Kim Fowley – Born to be Wild
Kim Fowley – I’m Bad
Kim Fowley – The day the earth stood till
$27 snap on face – In Heterodyne State Hospital (en envie)

Chapitre 3 : Texas et limitrophes

lightnin' Hopkins - free form patterns
Sirius - Rising
endle st. cloud - thank you very much
potter st. cloud - potter st. cloud
east side kids - the tiger and the lamb
Various artists - epitaph for a legend
American blues - DO their thing
josephus - josephus
Glory - a meat music sampler
children – rebirth
deerfield - nil desperandum
Shiva’s headband – Coming to a head
Shiva’s headband – Psychedelic Yesterday
Poe - up through the spiral
salloom, sinclair - salloom, sinclair and the mother bear
beauregarde – beauregarde
condello - phase 1
yellow payges - volume 1
Five Americans – Progressions
Southwest F.O.B. – Smell of incense
willie and the red rubber band - the eulogy of Blue willie
willie and the red rubber band - we're comin' up
john howard abdnor - involvement intro the change
houston fearless - houston fearless
t. swift & the electric band - are you experienced
4th cekcion - 4th cekcion
blackwell – Blackwell
plum nelly - deceptive lives
Marcus – Marcus
swift rain - coming down
superfine dandelion – the superfine dandelion
lincoln street exit - drive it
XIT - plight of the redman

Chapitre 4 : Boston, New York et alentours
Waleco - flat earth society
Eagle - come under mrs nancy's tent
Puff- Puff
apple pie motherhood band - apple pie motherhood band
apple pie motherhood band - apple pie
Black Pearl – Black Pearl
shakey legs - shakey legs
omnibus – omnibus
far cry - far cry
bear - greetings, children of paradise
great jones - all bowed down
phluph - phluph
euclid heavy – equipement
eden's children - eden's children
eden's children - sure looks real
bead game – welcome
bo grumpus - before the war
jolliver arkansaw – home
Fat – Fat
The Blues Magoos – Never goin’ back to Georgia
The Blues Magoos – Gulf Coast Bound
powers of blue - flip out
forum quorum – the forum quorum
hobbits - men and doors
The Velvet Underground and Nico – Pop history vol.12
The Fugs – Golden Filth
Tom Rapp – Familiar Songs
Tom Rapp & pearls before swine – City of Gold
Tom Rapp – Stardancer
jim mccarthy - jim mccarthy
seventh sons - 4 :00 at frank's...
buzzy linhart – buzzy
electric junk-yard – the electric junk-yard
dirty's john's hot dog stand - return from the dead
Koala – The Koala
liquid smoke - liquid smoke
holy ghost reception committee 9 - the torchbearers
hello people – fusion
hello people – Have you seen the light
train - costumed cuties
heads - heads up
last ritual – the last ritual
open window – the open window
free spirits - out of sight and sound
papa nebo - papa nebo
The Blues Project – Kooper, Blumenfeld, Kalb, Flanders, Katz, Kulber of the Blues Project
heavy balloon - 32,000 pound
Vanilla Fudge – The Vanilla fudge
bullangus - free for all (envie)
Bullangus – Bullangus (http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/e_NupChRm2A/hqdefault.jpg?feature=og)
music asylum - commit thyself
purpose - the purpose of
privilege – privilege
sainte anthony's fyre - sainte anthony's fyre
The Hassles – Hour of the wolf
Fire- Fire
julius victor - from the next
group image - a mouth in the clouds
illusion - if it's so
Maypole - Maypole
tea company - come and have some tea with the tea company
smubbs - this the end of the night
woody's truck shop - woody's truck shop
Fallen Angels - it's a long way down
wadsworth mansion - wadsworth mansion
majic ship - majic ship
Click- Click
aesop's fables - pickin'up the pieces
toad hall - class of '68
unspoken word - tuesday, april 19th ;
unspoken word - unspoken word
fluff - fluff
bold - bold
velvet night - velvet night
graffiti - graffiti
deviled ham - i had too much dream last night
landslide - two sided fantasy
third world - america the beautiful
hot soup - openers
maximillian - maximillian
the flow - flow
year one - year one
chirco - the visitation
charisma - charisma
charisma - beasts and friends
boffalongo - beyond your head
boffalongo - boffalongo
cray elephant - cray elephant
bag - real
banchee - banchee
banchee - thinkin'
biscuit davis - playing on the moon
tangerine zoo - the tangerine zoo
tangerine zoo - outside looking in
gulliver - gulliver
Mandrake Memorial - Medium
Mandrake Memorial - Puzzle (http://www.vintagecd.ru/i/mandrake_memorial_four_front.jpg)
kangaroo - kangaroo
boa constrictor & natural wine - boa constrictor & natural wine
Elephant's Memory - Songs from midnight cowboy (B.O.)
children of one - children of one
harvey matusow's jew's harp band - war between fats and thins
on the seventh day - on the seventh day...
holy moses - holy moses !!

Chapitre 5 : USA :
Human Beinz & The mammals - Nobody but me
früt - "keep on truckin"
sunday funnies - sunday funnies
sunday funnies - benediction
underground sunshine - let there be light
thundertree - thundertree
henry tree - electric holy man
stephen and the farm band - up in the thing
tennesse farm band - the farm band
tennesse farm band - on the rim of the nashville
tennesse farm band - communion
ID - Where are we going
Fat Water - Fat Water
Racket Squad - Corners of your mind
Trilogy - I'm beginning to feel it
Second coming - the Second coming
Milkwoold tapestry -Milkwoold tapestry
Woolies - Basic Rock
Woolies - Live at Lizard's
Hour glass - Power of love
Coldwater army - peace
Froggie Beaver - From the pond
Hardwater- Hardwater
Rainbow band - The Rainbow band (1971)
Rainbow press - There's a war on
Owen-B - Owen-B
Pulse - Pulse
Rainbow - After the storm
Silk - Smooth as silk
South 40 - Live at someplace Else !
Soup - The Album Soup
mud - mud on mudd
mud –mud
mij - mij colour by the number
electric toilet - in the hands of karma
Glory – Glory
bohemian vendetta - bohemian vendetta
Neon – Neon
New mix – The New mix
Moonrakers - together with him
alexander's timeless bloozband - for sale (envie)
Litter – Emerge
Lightning – lightning
Litter - $ 100 fine
Rugbys - hot cargo
Zerfas – zerfas
mecki mark men- running in the summernight
bethlehem asylum - commit yourself
bethlehem asylum - bethlehem asylum
lovecraft - valley of the moon
whalefathers – declare
whalefathers – whalefathers (pochette francaise et anglaise)
u.s. apple corps - u.s. apple corps
troll - animated music
thunderpussy - documents of captivity
truk - truk tracks
touch- street suite
puzzle – puzzle
joy – thunderfoot
shags - wink
mutzie - light of your shadow
calliope – steamed
ellie pop - ellie pop
Christopher - what'cha gonna do ?
Buoys – timothy
Tongue - keep on truckin' with tongue
zig zag people - take a bubble gum music underground
yama and the karma dusters - up from the sewers
taos – taos
phafner – overdrive
tradewinds – excursions
addis and crofut - eastern ferris wheel
alan franklin explosion - the blues climax
ken little - solo
finchley boys - everlasting tributes
freeport – Freeport
damin eih a.l.k. and brother clark - never mind
chosen few – the chosen few
brigg – brigg
american dream - the amrican dream
baroques - the baroques (envie)
j.d. blackfoot - the ultimate prophecy
beast - beast higher... &... higher
beast – beast
blackwood apology - house of leather
hollins and star - sidewalks talking
corporation - get on our swing (envie)
corporation - hassels in my mind
lacewing – lacewing
phantom's divine comedy - phantom's divine comedy
merkin manor - music from merkin manor
mind garage - mind garage
mind garage - again !
elderberry jak - long overdue
fanz - the grand illusion
january tyme - first time from Memphis
jasper wrath - jasper wrath
pugsley munion - just like you
mountain bus – sundance
wild butter - wild butter
edgewood - ship of labor
Illinois Speed Press – Duet
31st of February – the 31st of February
Tangerine - the peeling of tangerine
Legend - the legend
magic – magic
magi - win or loose
kane's cousins - undergum bubble ground
Katmandu – Katmandu (1971)
Loadstone – loadstone
tiffany shade – the tiffany shade
colonel bagshot - hot ! what a lovely war
bruce mackay - bruce mackay
cro-magnon - cro-magnon
ant trip ceremony - 24 hours
westfauster - in a king's dream
aorta - aorta 2
impala syndrome - impala syndrome
david chalmers - primeval road
jeff liberman - solitude within
peter stark - mushroom country
hombres - let it out
jade - faces of jade
ilmo smokehouse - ilmo smokehouse
excursions – the excursions
graced lightning – the graced lightning
griffin - the world's filled witch love
headstone - still looking
hickory wind - hickory wind
blessed end - movin'on
hangmen - bitter sweet
head over heels - head over heels
seompi – seompi (envie)
under milwood – fanny (envie)
front page review - mystic soldiers (envie)
birminghan Sunday - a message from birminghan Sunday (envie)
haymarket riot - live 67' (envie)
bolder damn - mourning (envie)
brigade - last laugh (envie)
cannabis - joint effort (envie)
jungle – jungle (1969) (envie)
translatic railroad - express to oblivion (envie)

Chapitre 6 : Canada
hou-lops – off
haunted –the haunted
nucleus – nucleus
neill merryweather, john richardson and boers - neill merryweather, john richardson and boers
Christmas – Christmas (1970)
rockadrome - royal american twentieth
bent wind – Sussex
freedom north - freedom north
pepper tree - you're my people
influence – influence
javis street revue - oil man
mandala - soul crusade
smyle - smyle

Chapitre 7 : Films, compilations et festivals :
(titre du film - Noms des artistes) :
Riot on sunset strip - Standells, Chocolate watch band & Mugwumps
The trip - Electric Flag
psych-out - Strawberry alarm clock & the seeds
mondo hollywood - Mugwump Establishment, Booby Jameson, Davie Allan & the Arrows
Revolution - Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mother Earth
the savage seven - Cream, Iron Butterfly
Candy - Byrds & Steppenwolf
the amrican dreamer - Gene Clark & John Buck Wilkin
zachariah - Country Joe & the fish, James Gang & New York Rock Ensemble

(Nom Compilation - Artistes dont l'album contient un titre inédit)

fifth pipedream volume 1 - Indian Puddin and Pipe, It's a beautiful day, Black Swan & Tripsichord Music Box
with love a pot of flowers - Wildflower, Harbinger Complex, Euphoria & other side
san francisco roots - Great society, Beau Brummels, Mojo Men, Vejtables & Tikis
freakout u.s.a. - Aftermath, Hands of time, Mom's boy, Glass Family, International theatre fondation, Mugwumps, Everobodys Children & Jesters
new wave in the underground - (Various artists)
Dimensions of miracles - (Various artists) http://shop.totallyvinyl.com/img/uploads/images/variousartists/DIMENSIONS_OF_MIRACLES_LP.jpg
tom's touch - (Various artists)
west coast love-in - Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Ashes, Chambers brothers
kings of pop music vol 2 - (Various artists)
elektrifying - (Various artists)
gathering at the depot - Thundertrre, Litter (live)
Partyin' - Wild thing (1970)
underground explosion - (Various artists) (1970) (pressage français) http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6fuzvRdm8dO0RNgy-pXOv5N3al43-JeW_nJcq12YcI9Qlpce9e8laUJyI0w
buddah's dial-a-hit/buddah's 360 - (Various artists)
rock machine i love you - (Various artists)
the best of pop & beat history - Neal ford & the fanatics

Festival : flying bear medecine show - (Various artists)

Chapitre 8 - Royaune - Uni

(Festivals et compilations)
let's go to wight - (Various Artists)
the first great rock festivals of the seventies : isle of wight/atlanta pop festival - (Various Artists)
greasy truckers party, live at dingwalls dancehall - Gong, Camel, Henry Crow
underground show - (Various Artists)
picnic, a breath of fresh air - Pink Floyd
the world of hits vol.4 - (Various Artists) (1970)
the world of hits vol.5 - (Various Artists) (1971)

Chapitre 8 : RU

fool - the fool
Them - Them in reality
One - One (1969)
Eric Burdon and the Animals - Eric Burdon and the Animals (même cover que Every One of us)
Zoot Money – Welcome to my head
Zoot Money - Zoot Money
danny mcculloch – Wings of a Man
The troggs – Hip Hip Hooray
Yardbirds - Roger the Engineer
yardbirds - live : featuring performance by : jeff beck, eric clapton, jimmy page (https://sphotos-a-ord.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/p480x480/996930_501471693271576_206210059_n.jpg)
Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland part. 2
Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown revisited
Simon Dupree & the big sound - without reservations
gulliver's travels - a musical journey inspired by jonathan swift's story
trois petits tours et puis s'en vont (o.s.t) – Various artist (entre autre Traffic)
we put our magick on you - graham bond
keith christmas - stimules
fleur de lys – the fleur de lys
John Morgan – Kaleidoscope
andrew leigh – magician
Blossom Toes – the psychedelic sound of Blossom Toes
junior's eye - battersea power station
boston - hair dance selection
dr. marigold's prescription - play and sing
dr. marigold's prescription - pictures of life
megaton - megaton
complex - the way we feel
creepy john tomas - creepy john tomas
phil trainer - phil trainer
andwella - people's people
panama limited jug band - panama limited jug band
amory kane - just to be there
chiitra neogy - the perfumed garden
wooden o - lover's progress
poet and the one man band - poet and the one man band
lord sitar - lord sitar (http://www.redtelephone66.com/albumart/lordsitar.jpg) (envie)
chillum - chillum

Chapitre 9 : Allemagne, Hollande, Italie et France
Holande : q 65 - revolution
q 65 - revival
group 1850 - acemo's trip to mother earth

France : dickens royal - incarnation (france)
popera cosmic - les esclaves (france)
bernard verley avec carthasis - rimbaud c'est toi (france)
graeme allwright - a long distant present from there... becoming (france)
ergo sum - mexico (envie)
melmoth - la deventure des ivresses (envie)

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