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  • Mauvais Ordre (2022)

    . 15 morceaux.

    Album de Lomepal

    Tracklist : Mauvais ordre, 50°, À peu près, Hasarder, Etna, Le miel et le vinaigre, Maladie moderne, Tee, Prends ce que tu veux chez moi, Skit il, Crystal, Auburn, Skit lost memo, Decrescendo, Pour de faux...

  • Stup Forever (2022)

    . 17 morceaux.

    Album de Stupeflip

    Tracklist : Stup forever, Dans ton baladeur (DTB), Cosmos 1999, Etranges phénomènes, Tellement bon, L’Truc xxplosif, Tensions, Les gens qui s’énervent, Gluô, Les Voûtes, Sharkattack, Pop‐Hip le mort‐vivant, Tiger Crane, The Platform, Vengeance!!!, Régions fédérées, Stay Positiv’...

  • The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead! (2022)

    . 14 morceaux.

    Album de Megadeth

    Tracklist : The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!, Life in Hell, Night Stalkers, Dogs of Chernobyl, Sacrifice, Junkie, Psychopathy, Killing Time, Soldier On!, Célebutante, Mission to Mars, We’ll Be Back, Police Truck, This Planet's on Fire (Burn in Hell)...

  • Saint-Clair (2022)

    . 17 morceaux.

    Album de Benjamin Biolay

    Tracklist : Calidum cor, frigidum caput, Les joues roses, Rends l'amour !, Les lumières de la ville, (Un) Ravel, De la beauté là où il n'y en a plus, Santa Clara, Sainte-Rita, Petit chat, Pieds nus sur le sable, Saint-Germain, Numéros magiques, Pourtant, Mort de joie, Forever, La traversée, Saint-Clair...

  • Hold the Girl (2022)

    . 32 morceaux.

    Album de Rina Sawayama

    Tracklist : Minor Feelings, Dynasty, Hold the Girl, STFU!, This Hell, Comme des garçons (Like the Boys), Catch Me in the Air, Akasaka Sad, Forgiveness, Snakeskin, Holy (Till You Let Me Go), Cyber Stockholm Syndrome, Your Age, Paradisin’, Imagining, Love Me 4 Me, Frankenstein, Bad Friend, Hurricanes, Fuck This World (interlude), Send My Love to John, A Message From Zarah Sultana MP, Phantom, Who’s Gonna Save U Now?, To Be Alive, Tokyo Love Hotel, Chosen Family, Catch Me in the Air, Cherry, XS, Lucid, Free Woman (Lady Gaga remix)...

  • The End, So Far (2022)

    . 12 morceaux.

    Album de Slipknot

    Tracklist : Adderall, The Dying Song (Time to Sing), The Chapeltown Rag, Yen, Hivemind, Warranty, Medicine for the Dead, Acidic, Heirloom, H377, De Sade, Finale...

  • BORN PINK (2022)

    . 8 morceaux.

    Album de BLACKPINK

    Tracklist : Pink Venom, Shut Down, Typa Girl, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Hard to Love, The Happiest Girl, Tally, Ready for Love...

  • I Love You Jennifer B (2022)

    . 10 morceaux.

    Album de Jockstrap

    Tracklist : Neon, Jennifer B, Greatest Hits, What’s It All About?, Concrete Over Water, Angst, Debra, Glasgow, Lancaster Court, 50/50 (extended mix)...

  • LOUIE (2022)

    . 17 morceaux.

    Album de Kenny Beats

    Tracklist : Leonard, Parenthesis, Hold My Head, So They Say, Family Tree, Hooper, Still, Moire, Get Around, Eternal, Last Words, Drop 10, The Perch, Really Really, That Third Thing, Rotten, Hot Hand...

  • Darker Still (2022)

    . 11 morceaux.

    Album de Parkway Drive

    Tracklist : Ground Zero, Like Napalm, Glitch, The Greatest Fear, Darker Still, Imperial Heretic, If a God Can Bleed, Soul Bleach, Stranger, Land of the Lost, From the Heart of the Darkness...

  • Hideous Bastard (2022)

    . 10 morceaux.

    Album de Oliver Sim

    Tracklist : Hideous, Romance With a Memory, Sensitive Child, Never Here, Unreliable Narrator, Saccharine, Confident Man, GMT, Fruit, Run the Credits...

  • God Save the Animals (2022)

    . 13 morceaux.

    Album de (Sandy) Alex G

    Tracklist : After All, Runner, Mission, S.D.O.S, No Bitterness, Ain't It Easy, Cross the Sea, Blessing, Early Morning Waiting, Immunity, Headroom Piano, Miracles, Forgive...

  • Natural Brown Prom Queen (2022)

    . 18 morceaux.

    Album de Sudan Archives

    Tracklist : Home Maker, NBPQ (Topless), Is This Real? (Can You Hear Yourself?), Ciara, Selfish Soul, Loyal (EDD), OMG BRITT, ChevyS10, Copycat (Broken Notions), It's Already Done, FLUE, TDLY (Homegrown Land), Do Your Thing (Refreshing Springs), Freakalizer, Homesick (Gorgeous & Arrogant), Milk Me, Yellow Brick Road, #513...

  • Spirituals (2022)

    . 10 morceaux.

    Album de Santigold

    Tracklist : My Horror, Nothing, High Priestess, Ushers of the New World, Witness, Shake, The Lasty, No Paradise, Ain’t Ready, Fall First...

  • YUNGBLUD (2022)

    . 12 morceaux.


    Tracklist : The Funeral, Tissues, Memories, Cruel Kids, Mad, I Cry 2, Sweet Heroine, Sex Not Violence, Don’t Go, Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today, Die For a Night, The Boy in the Black Dress...

  • Doggerel (2022)

    . 12 morceaux.

    Album de Pixies

    Tracklist : Nomatterday, Vault of Heaven, Dregs of the Wine, Haunted House, Get Simulated, The Lord Has Come Back Today, Thunder & Lightning, There’s a Moon On, Pagan Man, Who’s More Sorry Now?, You’re Such a Sadducee, Doggerel...

    - -
  • The Mars Volta (2022)

    . 14 morceaux.

    Album de The Mars Volta

    Tracklist : Blacklight Shine, Graveyard Love, Shore Story, Blank Condolences, Vigil, Que dios te maldiga mi corazón, Cerulea, Flash Burns From Flashbacks, Palm Full of Crux, No Case Gain, Tourmaline, Equus 3, Collapsible Shoulders, The Requisition...

  • Patient Number 9 (2022)

    . Hard rock, heavy metal et rock. 13 morceaux.

    Album de Ozzy Osbourne

    Tracklist : Patient Number 9, Immortal, Parasite, No Escape From Now, One of Those Days, A Thousand Shades, Mr Darkness, Nothing Feels Right, Evil Shuffle, Degradation Rules, Dead and Gone, God Only Knows, DARKSIDE BLUES...

  • LA COURSE (EP) (2022)

    . 9 morceaux.

    EP de NeS


  • Sahar (2022)

    . 10 morceaux.

    Album de Tamino

    Tracklist : The Longing, The Flame, You Don't Own Me, Fascination, Sunflower, The First Disciple, Cinnamon, Only Our Love, A Drop of Blood, My Dearest Friend and Enemy...

  • When the Wind Forgets Your Name (2022)

    . 9 morceaux.

    Album de Built to Spill

    Tracklist : Gonna Lose, Fool’s Gold, Understood, Elements, Rocksteady, Spiderweb, Never Alright, Alright, Comes a Day...

  • The God Machine (2022)

    . Rock et power metal. 21 morceaux.

    Album de Blind Guardian

    Tracklist : Deliver Us From Evil, Deliver Us From Evil, Damnation, Damnation, Secrets of the American Gods, Secrets of the American Gods, Violent Shadows, Violent Shadows, Life Beyond the Spheres, Life Beyond the Spheres, Architects of Doom, Architects of Doom, Let It Be No More, Let It Be No More, Blood of the Elves, Blood of the Elves, Destiny, Destiny, Life Beyond the Spheres (Cyber mix), Destiny (Lead Guitar version), Let It Be No More (Heavy Vocals)...

  • Opvs Contra Natvram (2022)

    . 14 morceaux.

    Album de Behemoth

    Tracklist : Post‐God Nirvana, A Forest, Malaria Vvlgata, A Forest (live), The Deathless Sun, Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha, Ov My Herculean Exile, Evoe, Neo‐Spartacvs, Disinheritance, Off to War!, Once Upon a Pale Horse, Thy Becoming Eternal, Versvs Christvs...

  • Autofiction (2022)

    . 11 morceaux.

    Album de Suede

    Tracklist : She Still Leads Me On, Personality Disorder, 15 Again, The Only Way I Can Love You, That Boy on the Stage, Drive Myself Home, Black Ice, Shadow Self, It’s Always the Quiet Ones, What Am I Without You?, Turn Off Your Brain and Yell...

  • Wilderness of Mirrors (2022)

    . 15 morceaux.

    Album de The Black Angels

    Tracklist : Without a Trace, History of the Future, Empires Falling, El Jardín, La Pared (Govt. Wall Blues), Firefly, Make It Known, The River, Wilderness of Mirrors, Here & Now, 100 Flowers of Paracusia, A Walk on the Outside, Vermillion Eyes, Icon, Suffocation...

  • Expert in a Dying Field (2022)

    . Rock et rock indépendant. 12 morceaux.

    Album de The Beths

    Tracklist : Expert in a Dying Field, Knees Deep, Silence Is Golden, Your Side, I Want to Listen, Head in the Clouds, Best Left, Change in the Weather, When You Know You Know, A Passing Rain, I Told You That I Was Afraid, 2am...

  • Rumble of Thunder (2022)

    . 13 morceaux.

    Album de The HU

    Tracklist : This Is Mongol, YUT Hövende, Triangle, Teach Me, Upright Destined Mongol, Sell the World, Black Thunder, Mother Nature, Bii Biyelgee, Segee, Shihi Hutu, TATAR Warrior, Black Thunder (extended)...

  • Keep on Smiling (2022)

    . 12 morceaux.

    Album de Two Door Cinema Club

    Tracklist : Messenger AD (intro), Blue Light, Everybody’s Cool, Lucky, Little Piggy, Millionaire, High, Wonderful Life, Feeling Strange, Won’t Do Nothing, Messenger HD, Disappearer...

  • Le Monde réel (2022)

    . 10 morceaux.

    Album de Dominique A

    Tracklist : Dernier Appel de la forêt, Avec les autres, Nouvelles du monde lointain, Les Roches, Désaccord des éléments, Le Manteau retourné de l’enfance, Le Monde réel, Et tout le monde comme des toupies, La Maison, Au bord de la mer sous la pluie...

  • TEKKNO (2022)

    . 10 morceaux.

    Album de Eskimo Callboy

    Tracklist : Pump It, We Got the Moves, Fuckboi, Spaceman, Mindreader, Arrow of Love, Parasite, Tekkno Train, Hurrikan, Neon...

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