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David Holmes

Artiste musical, développeur, acteur et auteur.

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  • artiste musical This England (OST) (2022)

    . 17 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Welcome To Brexit Britain, Meanwhile In Wuhan, AstraZeneca, Herd Immunity, Care Homes Catastrophe...

    - -
  • artiste musical Robbing Mussolini: Soundtrack From the Netflix Film (OST) (2022)

    . 27 morceaux.


    Tracklist : The Resistance, Scorching Needles, Borsalino Enters the Room, Morse Code, The Siren Tower...

    - -
  • artiste musical No One Is Smarter Than History / Clouds Of Resistance (Single) (2022)

    . 2 morceaux.


    Tracklist : No One Is Smarter Than History, Cluds Of Resistance...

    - -
  • artiste musical It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Remixes) (EP) (2022)

    . 7 morceaux.

    EP de Raven Violet

    Tracklist : It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Darren Emerson's Huffa remix), It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Lovefingers And Heidi Lawden High Tide mix), It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Lovefingers And Heidi Lawden Low Tide mix), It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Working Men's Club remix), It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Hardway Bros remix)...

    - -
  • artiste musical Hope Is the Last Thing to Die (Single) (2021)

    . 1 morceau.

    Single de Raven Violet, Laura Lippie

    Tracklist : Hope is the Last Thing to Die...

    - -
  • artiste musical No Sudden Move (OST) (2021)

    . 24 morceaux.


    Tracklist : No Sudden Move (Main Title Theme), Watkins Code Book Goes Missing, You'll Figure It Out, Wertz Goes to the Office, I'll Call with Instructions...

  • artiste musical Ordinary Love (OST) (2019)

    . 19 morceaux.

    Bande-originale de Brian Irvine

    Tracklist : Ordinary Love, Mammogram, Good Man, Power Walking, Peter and Steve...

    - -
  • artiste musical Mosaic - Music From The HBO Limited Series (OST) (2018)

    . 20 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Theme from Mosaic, Four Years Later, That Is Most Definitely Him, I've Instructed Them to Check the Dumpsters, What I Want Is the Red Room...

    - -
  • artiste musical Henry McCullough (The Andrew Weatherall Remixes) (EP) (2017)

    . 3 morceaux.

    EP de BP Fallon

    Tracklist : Henry McCullough (Andrew Weatherall remix), Henry McCullough (Andrew Weatherall dub), Henry McCullough...

    - -
  • auteur Edexcel A level Geography Book 2 Third Edition


    Livre de Kim Adams, Cameron Dunn

    - -
  • artiste musical LateNightTales (2016)

    . Mots parlés, ambient, rock folk, pop, acoustique, electronique, non-musical, downtempo, ethéré, rock, expérimental et synthpop. 20 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Great Father Spirit in the Sky, The Reiki Healer From County Down, It’s a Long Way to Heaven, Slythtovery, Talking Judgement Day Blues...

    - -
  • artiste musical '71 (OST) (2014)

    . Bande originale, cinéma & théâtre et electronique. 1 morceau.


    Tracklist : You're Going to Belfast / The Hunt / '71 / Posh Cunts Telling Thick Cunts to Kill Poor Cunts / Riot on the Lower Falls / Thommo's Dead / Where's the Soldier? / The Hunt (Part 2) / Doing Your Dirty Work / Need a Way Out! / Escape From Divis '71 / Is He Dea...

    - -
  • Bande-annonce
    développeur Life Goes On (2014)

    (France). Aventure, plateforme et réflexion.

    Jeu vidéo de Susan Wright, Ian Morrison sur PC, Mac et Linux

    Life Goes On est un jeu de plate-forme 2D où le joueur contrôle un vaillant chevalier qui sera confronté à des obstacles insurmontables.

  • artiste musical The Motel Life (OST) (2014)

    . 28 morceaux.

    Bande-originale de Keefus Ciancia

    Tracklist : Fighter Pilots, Fit to Be Tied, Mother's Message, Roll 'Em Dice, Jerry Shoots Himself...

    - -
  • développeur Tiny Submarine (2013)


    Jeu vidéo sur iPad et iPhone

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