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Techno scandinave

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La techno scandinave possède une image musicale propre à aucune autre, ses artistes surement influencés par l'environnement et la géographie des pays nordiques arrivent à créer une esthétique mélancolique et atmosphérique ... Une musique à la progression éternelle, tel les fjords norvégiens, avec des tracks qui peuvent durer un quart d'heure. Les kicks sont froids et mentaux, les nappes mystérieuses, une techno aussi pure que le blanc de la neige de Laponie.

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  • Weldiya E.P. (EP) (2012)

    . Electronique, ambient et techno. 3 morceaux.

    EP de Abdulla Rashim

    " Abdulla's hypnotic touch fits exactly into the philosophy the label lives and loves. His debut vinyl release Weldiya reflects a compelling electronic sound therapy for music enthusiasts, as prescribed by Prologue. Starting smooth to adjust the dosage, Abdulla enters the realm of acid-driven, entrancing beats and closes with overwhelming sound carpets. "

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    A Shell of Speed (2015)

    . Techno, ambient et electronique. 8 morceaux.

    Album de Abdulla Rashim

    " While each side begins with a short ambient introduction, the rest of A Shell Of Speed is an unstoppable train of beats going at high speed through kaleidoscopic techno tunnels.

    Creator of a paradise of knob-tweaking and everchanging repetitive patterns of sounds, Abdulla Rashim offers a bunch of hits meant to make the dancefloor quake and the booty shake, but without yielding to laziness or easiness."
    " "A Shell Of Speed" was first revealed during the final stages of Function's Berghain 07, and was a standout selection on a standout mix. It recalls a few similar high-definition bombs, not least Svreca's "Mountain Splitter" from earlier this year. Both can leave a lasting impression on clubbers, with the potential, if used wisely, to be defining tracks of the night. This makes A Shell Of Speed a must-buy for techno DJs.

    The rest of A Shell Of Speed comprises percussive deep techno in the tried-and-tested Northern Electronics style. "Red Pool" and "Crossing Qalandiya" are particularly heady, both built with chugging low-end and stuttering rhythms, and sprinkled with a collage of spacey sounds. "Ador Tracers" is more upbeat, and perhaps the second-furthest thing from deep techno in the package. It gives off an intangible punkish feel that's hard to attribute to a particular element, but probably has to do with its clanging drums and what sounds like vocals reverbed into oblivion. The past few years have seen Rashim become something of a background figure, stepping into the shadows while the likes of Varg and Acronym garner attention from techno circles. Packages like A Shell Of Speed remind us that he's still a deep techno master with plenty to say. "

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    Unanimity (2014)

    . Techno, ambient et electronique. 9 morceaux.

    Album de Abdulla Rashim


    " While each side begins with a short ambient introduction, the rest of A Shell Of Speed is an unstoppable train of beats going at high speed through kaleidoscopic techno tunnels.

    Creator of a paradise of knob-tweaking and everchanging repetitive patterns of sounds, Abdulla Rashim offers a bunch of hits meant to make the dancefloor quake and the booty shake, but without yielding to laziness or easiness.

    Dense and accessible, uncontrolled and entrancing, you can only stop at the end. "
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    Mu (2015)

    . Ambient, IDM, new age et electronique. 8 morceaux.

    Album de Acronym

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    June (2015)

    . 9 morceaux.

    Album de Acronym

    " This LP sums up all the work Acronym did in his last few EPs, and if that sounds like he is repeating himself, it is absolutely not the case.

    This is an absolute masterpiece, the sulfuric ambient of the first tracks introduces perfectly to the acidic kicks of centering and Realisation. Everything is so smooth and beautiful.

    The album's first half ebbs and flows beatlessly like the gently lapping waters of a mangrove swamp; the second is a seamless clutch of finely wrought techno numbers swarming with detail. Electronic music of this calibre and class is rare "
  • Yggdrasil (EP) (2014)

    . 4 morceaux.

    EP de Acronym

    " There are no big changes to his template here. If anything, the tracks, whose titles reference Norse mythology, are a little more uniform—each is an unfussy 4/4 cut geared for DJ use. "Yggdrasil" starts things on an intimidating note, thanks to a thick, fuzzy bassline that grinds its way high into the mix. "Jotunheim" and "Nifelheim" are both sparser, which leaves extra room for Acronym's misty atmospheres. The former makes use of syncopated mid-range percussion as it dips into a calming haze, while the latter, with its rolling drums and layers of tense drones, goes for a frantic vibe. The more than eight-minute long "Mimers Brunn" packs a bristling low-end, beeping bits of melody and a low-key but potent breakdown. It winds up as an airy conclusion to another rock-solid EP from Acronym. "
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    River Red Gum (EP) (2013)

    . 4 morceaux.

    EP de Acronym

    " four pieces of introvert techno with carefully layered atmospheres and a light in the end of the tunnel. "
  • Rave (2018)

    . 6 morceaux.

    Album de The Empire Line


    " This is probably the best thing that Northern Electronics has released. The music is dramatic, flamboyant, and moody but does not fall over itself because there is a degree of minimalism that tempers the compositions. It builds a beautiful and emotional arc, combining and elevating euphoria and hedonism beyond any ephemera of grotesque gluttony. It is primal and pressurized cathexis and feels lasting, extending beyond the rave, the k-hole, the lustful wanting of flesh, and humanity’s failure to maintain dialectic with the poetical and it’s success in being confined to the machinations of a factory flesh. "
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    In the Wake of the Dark Earth (2015)

    mars 2015. Ambient, techno et electronique. 12 morceaux.

    Album de D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.

    " Deep emotional release by Jonas Rönnberg. Its like a story, from melancholic-borderline psychosis-suicidal-finished love story full of love and fate..with tears of joy. "

    " Wonderful lush ambient album. At times mediative, lenitive and hypnotic, at others awe-inspiring, deep and magical, this album is a floating trip into-multi-dimensional realms. "

    " This new album is one for headphones or home listening, for lonely winter nights or long night time journeys. It’s an absorbing ambient affair weighed down by a heavy sense of atmosphere. At times shadowy and eerie, at others cautiously optimistic, the perfectly crafted spaces within all invite you to get lost and completely forget the outside world. Arriving with enigmatic artwork in both digital and vinyl format, modern ambient never sounded better. "
  • Brutal Disciplin (2017)

    . 6 morceaux.

    Album de Vargdöd


    " This album is the soundtrack for convicted people kept from sleeping in their murky underground cells. A way to annihilate their will and subject them to ours, until they can’t live without these sounds.

    Metallic exhalations beneath stroboscopic neon lights, inescapable labyrinths of corridors, the collapse of your survival instinct between rusted jaws, and ultimately your burial under shovelfuls of dust and coal in K9 Warrior. And you enjoy it.

    Brutal Disciplin is the Stockholm syndrome "
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    Splade (EP) (2014)

    . Electronique, deep house et techno. 3 morceaux.

    EP de Dorisburg

    " All three tracks are expansive, and tied together by trippy echo effects. On the A-side are "Splade" and "Business Propaganda," two nocturnal jams with rolling drums and alternately ticking and thwacking trebles. The mid-tempo title track is tweaked-out with dubby whiplashes and drawn-out phasing. Dialing up to 135 BPM, "Business Propaganda" is a sleek, assertive cut whose punchy low-end charts a path through groaning, otherworldly atmospheres.

    "Uncertainly" opts for a lush, house-ier vibe that's more in line with Berg's earlier releases (and those produced as half of Genius Of Time). Smoothly stuttered flutes take the lead early on amidst tiny slices of hi-hat and playful mid-range percussion, and a late breakdown leads to an entirely different final passage, one that's gently propelled by hand drums and warm synth tones. All killer, no filler on this one. "
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    1520 (2014)

    . Techno, noise, nordique, electronique, folk, country et power electronics. 10 morceaux.

    Album de Ulwhednar

    " It's natural to expect an album to unfold with a certain logic, if not a narrative arc. 1520, the second proper LP from Swedish duo Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim and Varg), stubbornly rejects that idea. Yes, these seven tracks of deep, full-immersion techno share a doomy tone and sonic character—they are raw and filthy, woody and tribal—but otherwise they operate as self-contained units. The swirling ambient fog of "Midvinter" is the parting shot you might expect, but otherwise, from the confrontational techno of "Stortorget" to the epic, ear-splintering drone-piece "Askan Från Bålet," these tracks seem to jostle against one another in a forbidding jumble.

    As you absorb 1520, however, that begins to feel deliberate. Ulwhednar seem to be evoking a world without order. In the humid "Begravd Under Is," whose tuned-drums and slippery basslines create layers of counterpointed rhythm, or the blasted "Stortorget," a peak-hour techno track stripped to its skeleton and subject to howling nuclear winds, 1520 reaches back to the primordial swamp and forward to a post-apocalyptic future. Humanity and civilisation are notable by their absence. The landscape here is deserted, mysterious, naturally chaotic.

    Far from being just another dour techno record, 1520 feels like a fitting soundtrack for a world that, politically and ecologically, is careening towards disaster. There is enough grandeur and finessed complexity here to suggest that 1520 was conceived as an artwork rather than a bunch of club tracks. The close, sometimes ambiguous detail is incredible. Is there really a synth-string motif buried in the mix on "Begravd Under Is," or is it some sort of auditory hallucination created by its sizzling stratum of bass, reverb and distortion? Likewise, the way the bone-dry tribal rhythms of "De 92 Vita Stenarna" are subtly mutated across its six minutes is a masterclass in patient control. There is a lot of techno around that likes to present itself as serious and high-minded in its intent and execution, but this is the real deal, and it's exhilarating."
  • For Those Who Strive (2015)

    . 6 morceaux.

    Album de SARS et Abdulla Rashim

    "one of the most forceful and accomplished noise records of recent times; intransigent in its terminal fixations, obstinately committed to capturing terror and awe, but with enough inherent subtlety and atmosphere to avoid blunting it’s atmospheric, drawn-out doom with overstatement. It demonstrates that Rashim and co are quickly going from strength to strength, getting ever more resolute in bending the intractable weight of techno to new, idiosyncratic ends. With Sars, the often macho dictates of noise receives another well needed injection of variance, though she differs in her approach to someone like Pharmakon. She lurks amid distortion just as much as she scowls and berates in the foreground and her efforts are all the more effective for that. "
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    Midvinter (2013)

    . Ambient, nordique, electronique et folk, country. 6 morceaux.

    Album de Ulwhednar

    " Defrosted demons lurking in the mid-winter kyrkogården like the subconscious woes in Bergman’s “Fanny And Alexander” when Ulwhednar is at it again, following the debut cassette and a LP in 2013. Out just before the Christmas, the six-track tape and digital release is another proof of Ulwhednar’s firm command of anti-wellness music but contains also traces of brightness.

    Initially, soft-hued tinkling tones and subtle rhythms of “Midvinter 01” herald rather crisp electronics, but the beast is yet to wake up. The second track is a long, tormenting journey with low-frequency resonance feeling in the bones, built like an short-range noise weapon against intruders.

    “Midvinter 03” advances in static drone spheres before flickering repetition joins the game in the next track, observing the sub-aquatic life through the thin ice. Blooming chords inch “Midvinter 05” closer to the moods of snowfall ambient in Ricardo Donoso’s style, matched by the last cut calmly descending from the Mount Analogue. Another mesmerizing piece of ice-cold explorations from Sweden, by Varg and Abdulla Rashim. "
  • 3 (EP) (2015)

    . Techno et electronique. 4 morceaux.

    EP de Evigt Mörker

    " Like on the first two release, Evigt Mörker serves us four new pieces of finest, deep atmospheric techno. For me the definite highlight of this gem is the B2 track "Seraf", which combines a beautiful atmosphere with a twisted rhythmical drumming to a deep journey that could last for hours. "
  • 2 (EP) (2014)

    août 2014. Techno et electronique. 3 morceaux.

    EP de Evigt Mörker

  • 1 (EP) (2013)

    septembre 2013. 4 morceaux.

    EP de Evigt Mörker

  • NMHNMHNMNMH (EP) (2012)

    . Techno, expérimental, electronique et dub techno. 3 morceaux.


    " Deep mesmerising techno with names that are kinda confusing ;-) "

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    Linear S Decoded (2014)

    . Electronique, ambient, expérimental, techno et musique abstraite. 13 morceaux.

    Album de SHXCXCHCXSH


    " Most of the tracks on Linear-S Decoded take one idea and let it ricochet through a set of parameters, sometimes aimlessly drifting, sometimes building up into a firestorm, and often presenting something surprisingly colourful. Few tracks make it past the four-minute mark, but the ones that do are quite memorable, like "Drain This Lord," with its crack-of-the-whip drums, or "This Hmming Raverie," which sends us tumbling down an uneven slope of Reese basslines.

    It's hard to pick out highlights from an album that finds so many ways to stay interesting. There's the swamp techno of "Helical Dialog," which spirals like a fractal, or the driving and tense "Sunny Day In Ostrogothia," which is nowhere near as summery as its title would suggest. SHXCXCHCXSH take a detour into Shed-style reverie with the buoyant "The Under Shore," balancing its dancing breakbeat and blinding synths with bass notes that sound like they're trying to push you over. It's this sense of playfulness that elevates Linear-S Decoded, cutting through techno's serious pose with a dose of irreverence.

    Even with that in mind, this is still one of the most ferocious and uncompromising techno albums you'll hear this year—SHXCXCHCXSH have just made it sound a bit friendlier with the loony disposition of '90s electronica rather than the corrugated textures of recent industrial techno. Whether they're surging through blackened tunnels of reverb and rumble or just bouncing along happily, SHXCXCHCXSH have found a way to make faceless techno fun. "
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    RJRJRFFRJRJ (EP) (2012)

    . Electronique et techno. 4 morceaux.


    " Immediate but at the same time fantastically textured, SHXCXCHCXSH’s music straddles the experimental and the highly functional. The record almost feels as though split into two separate exercises, with A sides RJRJRFFRJRJ & MDDDSSLLKRR offering harsh, metallic tones, and B sides ZZNNZNZNNZN & OOOVVVDDDDD touching on a more atmospheric, dub Techno aesthetic. The coalescence between moniker and art is palpable. To see the SHXCXCHCXSH name in writing, alongside equally brutish track titles, is to hear the music - crushed white hot and warping, born out of a kind of order, but totally unbound by it. "
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    STRGTHS (2013)

    . Electronique, expérimental et techno. 7 morceaux.

    Album de SHXCXCHCXSH

    " Incorporating elements of IDM, Industrial & Ambient - as well as classic Rave signifiers, not to mention the rolling, deep diving Techno the pair made their name with, the debut LP is a trip. For an outfit shrouded in mystery and set on maintaining a fairly rigid, monochrome visual aesthetic, listeners will find the LP surprisingly playful. Sounds warp and arc, hissing and rolling as though untethered, all the while buoyed by generous, undulating low end. It feels fun, suggesting the Swedish duo might not be quite as serious as the image portrayed. "
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    The Observer Effect (2014)

    . 12 morceaux.

    Album de Samuli Kemppi

    " The Observer Effect is the first album released by M_REC LTD. Kemppi first linked up with the Milan label in 2011, and is a near-perfect match with its lean and spacey aesthetic. M_REC LTD boss Max_M approached Kemppi, who'd just given his studio an extensive hardware upgrade, with the idea of making an album. Kemppi immediately went to work, compiling dozens of loops and ideas, eventually whittling them down—with the help of Max_M—to the 12 that make up this record. The Observer Effect certainly sounds like the end result of a process like this. It's full of sketches—as opposed to Kemppi's typically longer, drawn out DJ tracks—which results in a somewhat breezy listening experience despite the album's dark overtone.

    Kemppi's album sounds better listened to as a whole. This is a testament to the musical quality of The Observer Effect and the selection process undertaken by artist and label. Rather than returning to a few single tracks (as is usually the case with techno albums), I found myself repeatedly playing the album through completely. Many tracks aren't exactly short—half are over five minutes in length—but skipping drums and punchy, lively bass notes provide a pleasant platform for a surprisingly light-hearted one-hour cosmic set. There are a few standout moments, courtesy of the droning bass of "Locked," the heavily percussive "Never The Same" and strange keys of "Tailgating"—but they make most sense when listened to in one sitting. There are two types of techno album, and Kemppi has successfully crafted one of them. "
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    Quadrant EP (EP) (2012)

    . Techno. 3 morceaux.

    EP de Samuli Kemppi

    EP beaucoup plus " conventionnel " mais pas moins inintéressant
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    Superkaapo EP (EP) (2006)

    2006. Techno. 5 morceaux.

    EP de Samuli Kemppi

    " fine hypnotic groovin' bleepy + noisy atmospheric techno "
  • Hyperkaapo EP (EP) (2008)

    . Techno. 5 morceaux.

    EP de Samuli Kemppi

    " Hyperkaapo is one of the best techno/minimal EP of 2008. Typical sound of Finland. Deep, cold and atmospheric like Mika Vainio and Sähkö's production.

    Avaruusraita is a solid minimal track, funky old school pattern. Perfect for warm up the dancefloor.
    Komentomoduuli is an erotic escape with minimalistic acid groove. Great work !

    According to me, Neliöavaruus is the best track of Samuli Kemppi.
    Deep boiling bassline, minimalistic atmospheric groove, perfect 909 programing... Very high in the landscape of your head. 5/5 ! "

  • Asayita (EP) (2011)

    octobre 2011. 3 morceaux.

    EP de Abdulla Rashim


    " Not much is known of the mysterious Swedish producer Abdulla Rashim outside of his previous release on his self-titled label earlier this year, but one thing is for certain: They know what they're doing in the studio. "Asayita 1" begins simply enough, and without much fanfare, continuing on its sparse path for the entirety of its ten minute length. Haunting atmospherics combine with the dark droning bassline to create a distinctly cavernous, hypnotic landscape for the senses to get lost in. The pace quickens on the flipside, as both versions two and three of "Asayita" are more peak-time friendly. Version two, while partially a sped-up version of version one, retains the consuming drone aesthetic while adding a chugging acid line, allowing astute DJs ample time to bend minds. Version three ramps up the BPMs considerably, but also introduces a warped, off-kilter time signature to the fold. It makes for an unexpected end to a fantastic trio of techno variants."
  • Gizaw (EP) (2011)

    juillet 2011. 3 morceaux.

    EP de Abdulla Rashim

    " 3 tracks refined from one single signal generator, processed through a mixture of aqua regia and sulfuric acid "
  • Variations (EP) (2015)

    . Techno et electronique. 4 morceaux.

    EP de Varg²™

    " Un beat clair et un kick dynamique masqué derrière les ondes, voilà pour la structure de ce titre aux vertus introspectives – parfait pour la relaxation de la fin de journée, au fond d’un lit de soie qui protège le corps du froid. Varg le dit lui-même, il ne connaît pas le chagrin ou le regret – mais son morceau respire une certaine mélancolie qui, à nos oreilles sonne parfois comme ce qu’il affirme ne pas connaître.

    Cette interprétation personnelle de la musique – comme celle de toute oeuvre – , Abdulla Rashim s’en est emparée. Le remix qu’il nous fournit explore une frange un peu plus grasse et mystique du morceau originel. Peut-être plus dansant, mais aussi moins paré de nappes nuageuses. « Je veux créer une musique émotive, mais je ne peux pas savoir comment les auditeurs la percevront. Cela m’excite. » explique t-il ainsi à Juno, comme un écho à la tâche qui incombe à tout remixeur.

    Le dernier morceau du vinyle (un quatrième titre existe, mais est uniquement disponible en version digitale) explore un horizon plus sombre qui suscite moins le repos des oreilles. Composé par Varg et retouché par Hypnobirds – les deux ayant déjà collaboré sur un EP sorti en 2014 sur Clan Destine Records – « Norrlandsbrigad 69R » évoque l’anxiété du temps qui nous échappe. "
    - Beyeah.net

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    Nautilus (EP) (2014)

    . Techno et electronique. 5 morceaux.

    EP de Acronym

    " Nautilus, Acronym's second release on Abdulla Rashim's Northern Electronics label, directly courts oceanic associations, but it could just have easily hitched its cart to subterranean caves or Japanese forests. This set falls firmly in the "intricate roller" category that the Swedes do so well, trading assertive, high impact moments for glacial layer-cake arrangements. Fans of elegantly stacked timbres and an expertly crammed frequency spectrum will find much to zen out to on this EP.

    The title cut is like an optical illusion; it's only when you stare into the dead centre that the peripherals begin to take shape. Various bottomless caverns reach into the background of the mix, with petrified vapour trails tailing a meteoric low end. Acronym employ a similar method on "Set Sail": depending on where you focus your attention, you're going to hear something different. A mélange of toms, hats and gurgling filters lose their constituent meaning, adding up to a hulking yet dynamic mass that's truly the sum of its parts. By the time "Surfacing" rounds out the set, with a low pressure system of ossified winds, your depth perception has travelled the extremities. The detail Acronym teases out of his mixdowns is a pleasure in the headphones and an intimidatingly beautiful force on large systems. "
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    LP (2013)

    . Techno, ambient, nordique, electronique et folk, country. 7 morceaux.

    Album de Ulwhednar

    " Atmospheric and dubbed out Techno cuts "