Pitchfork: The 150 Best Albums of the 1990s

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    Loveless (1991)

    . Shoegaze, rock et rock alternatif. 11 morceaux.

    Album de My Bloody Valentine

    Tracklist : Only Shallow, Loomer, Touched, To Here Knows When, When You Sleep...

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    The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998)

    . Hip hop, swing r'n'b et rap conscient. 16 morceaux.

    Album de Lauryn Hill

    Tracklist : Intro, Lost Ones, Ex‐Factor, To Zion, Doo Wop (That Thing)...

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    OK Computer (1997)

    . Rock alternatif et art rock. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Radiohead

    Tracklist : Airbag, Paranoid Android, Subterranean Homesick Alien, Exit Music (for a Film), Let Down...

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    Exile in Guyville (1993)

    . Rock indépendant, lo-fi et rock. 18 morceaux.

    Album de Liz Phair

    Tracklist : 6'1", Help Me, Mary, Glory, Dance Of The Seven Veils, Never Said...

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    Enter the Wu‐Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)

    . Boom Bap et hip-hop hardcore. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Wu‐Tang Clan

    Tracklist : Bring da Ruckus, Shame on a Nigga, Clan in da Front, Wu‐Tang: 7th Chamber, Can It Be All So Simple / Intermission...

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    Homogenic (1997)

    . Pop, expérimental, IDM, leftfield, ambient, electronique et downtempo. 10 morceaux.

    Album de Björk

    Tracklist : Hunter, Jóga, Unravel, Bachelorette, All Neon Like...

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    The Velvet Rope (1997)

    . Pop, funk / soul, swing r'n'b, downtempo et electronique. 23 morceaux.

    Album de Janet Jackson

    Tracklist : Twisted Elegance (interlude), Velvet Rope, You, Got 'til It's Gone, Speaker Phone (interlude)...

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    Live Through This (1994)

    . Rock et grunge. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Hole

    Tracklist : Violet, Miss World, Plump, Asking for It, Jennifer's Body...

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    The Low End Theory (1991)

    . Rap conscient et hip hop. 14 morceaux.

    Album de A Tribe Called Quest

    Tracklist : Excursions, Buggin' Out, Rap Promoter, Butter, Verses From the Abstract...

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    Nevermind (1991)

    . Grunge et rock alternatif. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Nirvana

    Tracklist : Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom, Come as You Are, Breed, Lithium...