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Héros modestes : Ponoc Short Films Theatre par Rei Ayanami

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1: great aquatic environment but ugly CGI fish, giving it an eerie and alien look that suits the situation well
3/5 An okay and pretty looking short coming-of-age story.

2: The drawings, colours, effects were pretty interesting for this kind of child story. But the movements of the characters kept looking weird during the whole segment.
The rendition of the allergic crisis at the end was great.
4/5 Nice "little hero" idea, after the literal little ones..

3: Obvious but good metaphor, served by a few excellent sequences or ideas.

While the captain of this project failed to prove his point (showing a post-Ghibli start) himself, he had the good idea to follow his own work with a timid but promising try (the 2nd short) and to end the compilation with Yamashita's animation was the best proof it could be.
Score: 5/10 + 7/10 + 8/10 = 6.6+/10

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