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VF vue en avant-première en salle, "saisons Hanabi".

A simple children adventure crossing ugly duckling and no borders trespassing stories, with every obligatory moment crammed in (the overexcited moments, the friendship moments, the song & dance, the kiddie jokes, etc). It starts overagitated but calms down in its second third and manages to get a bit emotional (enough for kids at the very least). Story-wise, it simply follows its obligations in a decent way, so every turn of events was expected.
The world is actually better than all the other stuff but is regurgitated in two or three scenes that tell everything. (It doesn't make fully sense but it's okay for what it is. The little children watching it seemed satisfied even though I doubt the younger ones got the stuff about money.)

Rather pretty despite the awkward CGI movements for human figures (somewhat fitting for the creature) and several scenes far too reminiscent of a videogame, it would have been prettier if purely drawn (given the designs). Visually, it also feels overstuffed, an impression reinforced by the interesting designs.

Score: 6/10
Enjoyment: 3/5
Easy to see that the man behind this is an SFX director.

I had to go to the french showing because of schedule conflicts and I was really not a fan of the Poupelle softy voice that seemed to insert many additional lines.

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