In Love with a Flawed Film

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« In the heights » is flawed as a film.

The directing lacks imagination - it’s a mish-mash of “been-there-done-that”s.

The dance numbers are an eyeful but lack the force of build-up.

The single performances make for mostly uneventful moments.


As a whole, the cast creates a believable and endearing community.

Olga Merediz’ Abuela Claudia is the stealth octogenarian who steals the show, just as she did on stage.

The story & message of the immigrants’ soul and Dreamers’ plight is intact from the Broadway musical, and finds onscreen a stronger, broader voice.

The music and lyrics transfer remarkably well, and voodoo your feet to move.

So ultimately, there is no other direction but LOVE for it all.

In The Heights Lin-Manuel Miranda Olga Merediz

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